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a series of unfortunate love affairs

My friend wrote this fic and I happen to find it rather entertaining and interesting; the plot line is really unique and her writing is just superb. Just check it out if you have the time =)

Title: Three of Hearts

Author: Foul Fountain of Flies

Co-author: Me (kinda)

Summary: 9th Division has to be broken up and its members distributed. Shuuhei, aspiring captain, is assigned to the 2nd Division and finds himself in continuous tension with Soi Fon, his new captain. He then, as fate would have it, falls in love with her and finds an intimidating rival in Byakuya. While in other issues, Renji scuffles to make Byakuya his, alone. What he doesn't know is, he's gradually breaking Ichigo's heart. On going.

I now present you the fanfic hahaha....

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